Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Start ?

Work can begin once a few things are first completed. An overall deal must be agreed upon, which includes a detailed overall vision of what is desired on the site. We will also need to receive the signed work agreement as well as receiving the agreed payment. We also require some basic information regarding your business, so we can deliver the best results.

What Payment Do You Acccept ?

All payments are digital. We take all major credit cards or Paypal.

Once my website is done- what else is there to do ?

Once payment is made in full, we provide you with all passwords and full access to your site. Although it is not mandatory, we do usually recommend having our have our Security Maintenance, Backup and Plugin Update Plan in place.

Do I Have To Provide All The Content And Information ?

Yes and no. The best (and fastest) way to get just what you want out of a website is to be able to communicate your vision and ideas. We can do all the heavy lifting if required. We also have different price structures for companies that bring all the content to the table versus us creating the bulk of everything on our own.

I DOnt KNow What I want- Can You help me With The Content ?

Yes, we can. (see above)

How Do I Know I WIll Like the End Result ?

We will be showing you work in progress, which you will get to see and approve as the process moves forward.

Can I make My Own Changes/ Updates To My Website ?

The main answer is yes, it is possible because all of our websites are created in WordPress. WordPress is universal and you can have anyone work on it. But we actually do not recommend doing it yourself. If anyone other than us, edits or works on the site we designed for you, we are not responsible for any issues afterwards. Websites are actually very ‘fragile’ and the slightest wrong edit or change could damage some, if not, all of your website.

Can You Show me Some Ideas First ?

All our designs are custom created for your brand or business, therefore we can not start work before a signed agreement covering the scope of work and receiving a deposit.

What Is The Timeline On Getting My Project Done ?

Timelines are based on multiple factors. The timeline is based once payment and a signed agreement are received. It could take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to complete a website, depending on our schedule as well as timing of assets provided to us. Other services such as logos or brochures could be delivered as quickly as 5-7 days.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

We are happy to discuss ideas and provide a concept for your project. Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Let's Start Now

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